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Quote from Ted in No Questions Asked

Ted: Uh, Marshall wanted me to check on you. He was worried that you might be scared all alone in the ghost room.
Lily: Remind me to call you next time Marvin has a nightmare. You can calm him by bursting into his room with a chainsaw and a hockey mask.
Ted: Sorry, I didn't want to knock in case you were asleep, so I just climbed the drain pipe, no big deal. And opened the latch with this here coat hanger. I would've called, but, uh, I didn't know if you'd have your phone handy. Say, where is that old phone of yours?
Lily: Ted, I am not scared, so why don't you head back to your room and...? [thunder smashes] Aah! I guess you can stay until I fall asleep. If it'll make you feel better. And maybe if it'll make you feel even better, you can sing me a version of Marvin's lullaby?
Ted: Okay. Okay. [singing] Night-night, little Lily No ifs, ands, or buts No peg-legged ghost is waiting To hook out your guts.

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