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Quote from Marshall in Splitsville

[As Robin and Nick talk at a restaurant, she is on speakerphone with the gang back at the apartment:]
Robin: Hey, Nick. I'm sorry about that. Um, listen. There's something I need to talk to you about.
Nick: No, Robin, I'm sorry. I'm, like, half here. That phone call, it just... I got some really bad news. My doctor did an M.R. I. And...
Robin: Oh. Oh, God. What... What is it?
Nick: My groin injury is worse than they thought. I can't play basketball for weeks.
Ted: Oh, thank God. I thought he was dying or something.
Marshall: How many weeks? How many weeks? Please tell me it's not a tear in the iliolumbar ligament.
Nick: It's a tear in the libial flumflar liniment.
Marshall: If it's a small tear, he can still make play-offs.
Nick: It's a big tear.
Marshall: He better not be out for the season.
Nick: I'm out for the season.
Marshall: Damn it!

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