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Quote from Ted in Of Course

Ted: Barney, when you were with this girl, did she suddenly slip the word "sex" into the conversation?
[flashback to Anita with Barney at the Marshall:]
Anita: I'm in the inter-sex-tion, and I only have a couple of sex, before the light changes. Anyway, everyone's honking at me. And it totally sex. But, I can't turn around, because a jogger slipped and fell in horse sex-crement.
Barney: Go on. Go on.
Ted: Did she make excuses to establish physical contact with you?
Anita: Is this cashmere?
Barney: Cashmere? [scoffs] This is handspun virgin Merino. The fibers in this suit are less than 12 microns thick.
Anita: Twelve microns? I love a tiny fiber.
Barney: Well, you're in luck. 'Cause mine's the tiniest. And the more you touch it, the softer it gets.
Barney: She did that, too!
Ted: Now, here's the final test. Next time you see her, ask her out for the following night. The book says that's forbidden. So, she'll probably give you some lame excuse, like this, " Oh, I can't do anything tomorrow tonight,
've already made plans to clean my garbage disposal and treat myself to a bubble bath. But how about next week some time?"

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