Benny Quote #50

Quote from Benny in A Hardware Habit to Break

Tim: Oh. Sorry. Phew. Where was I? I thought for a minute I heard you say you were selling the hardware store.
Benny: He is. I've been totally useless ever since I heard the news.
Marty: And for 40 years before that.


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Quote from Tim

Marty: Wilson, we're not making any money. What did Harry have that we don't?
Wilson: Well, people trusted Harry. He was the kind of guy who stood behind everything he sold. He'd do anything for a customer.
Tim: I'm that kind of guy.
Wilson: Well, I know that, Tim. But I'm not sure everybody else does.
Tim: Then, Marty, we gotta get the word out.
Marty: I know! We can print up flyers! Then we can get on our bikes and we can plaster them all over the neighborhood!
Tim: Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay! Marty! Yeah! And then... Wait a minute... We'll sell lemonade in the driveway! And put cards in our spokes that go like this! We'll have big lollipops! And then we'll have a puppet show for all the rest of the kids in the neighborhood! What the hell's the matter with you?

Quote from Harry

Tim: Harry, why all of a sudden?
Harry: Delores.
Tim: Oh, her asthma's acting up again?
Harry: Oh, yeah. She wants to move to a warmer climate.
Benny: Yeah. They're moving to Tucson. That's in Arizona.
Harry: Tucson is Plan A. Plan B is we stop at a gas station, she goes in to powder her nose, and I burn rubber for Vegas.
Al: You can't just leave your wife in the middle of nowhere.
Harry: If we're meant to be together, she'll find me.

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Quote from Believe It or Not

Tim: I'm talking about extraterrestrials.
Benny: Why would a guy need more than two? [Tim and Marty laugh]

Quote from Super Bowl Fever

Larry: Hey, Benny, turn on the surround sound just for the touchdown.
Al: Not too loud.
Benny: Is this the one? [sparks fly]
Tim: Hey, Benny!
Benny: Let me guess. You hooked it up yourself?