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Burnin' Love

‘Burnin' Love’

Season 6, Episode 4 -  Aired October 8, 1996

Randy has feelings for Lauren, the car-loving girl he's writing an article with for the school paper, but he's nervous about telling her how he feels.

Quote from Randy

Lauren: "So, according to Mrs. Rupinni, without funding for the ballet club, there will be no production this year."
Randy: "Students, teachers and parents, we are due to speak up. Don't let this be the swan song for Swan Lake."
Lauren: Hey, that's a great ending.


Quote from Randy

Randy: We really haven't had a chance to talk.
Lauren: Well, what do you want to talk about?
Randy: You know, whatever. Weather, politics, how your date with Jason went.
Lauren: It wasn't a date. A bunch of us went to see a concert.
Randy: Oh. See, I thought it was a date.
Lauren: So did Jason. He kept putting his arm around me and complimenting my hygiene.
Randy: What a jerk.
Lauren: I'd never be interested in someone like him.
Randy: That's fantastic.
Lauren: It is?
Randy: Well, no. I mean, not for Jason. But it would be for... the guy you would be interested in going out with, whoever that might be.

Quote from Randy

Lauren: Randy, what are you trying to say?
Randy: Well, um... I was just wondering, you know, if you're not too busy sometime, maybe you'd like to go out on a date.
Lauren: I don't think so.
Randy: OK. Forget I said it. Bad idea.
Lauren: No. No, it's not you, Randy. It's just that... I'm not ready to start dating yet. I'm just having more fun hanging out with my friends.
Randy: Like you and me hang out?
Lauren: Yeah.
Randy: Cool. And then when you are ready to start dating?
Lauren: I just hope you're still available.
Randy: Well, at the moment my calendar's wide open.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Hey, Lauren. Randy, just the car guy I'm lookin' for. I got those tickets to the hot rod show you wanted to go to. He loves his cars.
Randy: Dad, l...
Tim: And guess who I saw at the ticket office. Jason's parole officer. He doesn't hold out a lot of promise for that kid. I pity the woman that dates a guy like that, I'll tell you that. [Randy and Lauren sneak out] What women need are good car-loving, ballet-appreciating guys. Kinda like Randy. Randy? Lauren?

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