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Quote from Lorelai in The Great Stink

Lorelai: You're just in time for rooty rhubarb pie, and for the viewing of mom's mug shot.
Emily: Rory, stop her.
Rory: I'm sure you look very nice, Grandma.
Christopher: You are very photogenic, Emily.
Lorelai: Ooh! What am I saying? I have pictures on my phone. Gather 'round the phone, everybody.
Emily: Richard, what are you doing?
Richard: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Oh! These new phones are amazing.
Rory: Are those handcuffs? Grandma, are you wearing handcuffs?
Emily: I certainly was not.
Christopher: No, they gave her one of those ankle things instead with like a chain and cannonball on the end.
Emily: Christopher!
Lorelai: Oh, and the stripy outfit. Tell Rory how they made you wear the stripy outfit, Mom.


 ‘The Great Stink’ Quotes

Quote from Paris

Bill: When the editor in chief isn't here, the managing editor's in charge. That's standard operating procedure at every newspaper in the country.
Paris: Yes, but I've done this 1,000 times, and you've never done it, Bill. Experience.
Bill: Experience that led to a mutiny. It's not like anyone ever gave Captain Bligh another ship after the Bounty.
Paris: Of course they did, multiple ships, and by the time he died, they promoted the guy to Rear Admiral. Do you think the British royal navy ruled the world in the 19th century by letting that much natural talent and leadership capability go to waste just because a few whiny complainers wanted more breadfruit and less scurvy?

Quote from Richard

Richard: Well, naturally I thought they were referring to the archduke. So I jumped in, as who wouldn't? With some thoughts about the various conspiracy theories surrounding his infamous assassination in Sarajevo. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Franz Ferdinand was the name of a very popular rock-'n'-roll band.
Emily: [laughs] That's what he gets for trying to fraternize after class with his students.
Richard: One of them even offered to burn a CD for me.

Quote from Emily

Emily: Of course, this time of year, so many people start playing that awful winter tennis with the chicken-wire cages and the heated courts.
Richard: Platform tennis can be very enjoyable, Emily.
Emily: Yes, but it looks ridiculous, like glorified ping-pong. If I wanted to play ping-pong, I would... Well, if I wanted to play ping-pong, I would kill myself.