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Quote from Lorelai in The Great Stink

Lorelai: You're just in time for rooty rhubarb pie, and for the viewing of mom's mug shot.
Emily: Rory, stop her.
Rory: I'm sure you look very nice, Grandma.
Christopher: You are very photogenic, Emily.
Lorelai: Ooh! What am I saying? I have pictures on my phone. Gather 'round the phone, everybody.
Emily: Richard, what are you doing?
Richard: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Oh! These new phones are amazing.
Rory: Are those handcuffs? Grandma, are you wearing handcuffs?
Emily: I certainly was not.
Christopher: No, they gave her one of those ankle things instead with like a chain and cannonball on the end.
Emily: Christopher!
Lorelai: Oh, and the stripy outfit. Tell Rory how they made you wear the stripy outfit, Mom.

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