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Quote from Lane in In the Clamor and the Clangor

Rory: Hey, have you called your mother yet?
Lane: Nope.
Rory: Oh good, because the longer you wait, the easier it's going to be.
Lane: I still can't believe she didn't just show up in the middle of the night, kick down the door, douse the place with holy water.
Rory: Maybe she wanted a chance to cool off.
Lane: No, that's your mother. My mother's the kicker and the douser. No, Mrs. Kim is sending a message.
Rory: What message is that?
Lane: The message is, "You messed up, kid, and now you get to sit there and panic about what's gonna happen next, and while you're panicking thinking about what's gonna happen next, you get to find your own way home, cause the Mrs. Kim shuttle van service is closed for business."
Rory: So, it's a wordy message.

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