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Quote from Lorelai in Happy Birthday, Baby

Rory: Luke is going to be very sorry he ever made this offer to you.
Lorelai: Hey, Luke has given me five free hours of handyman work for my birthday for the last five years.
Rory: And you have grossly exploited that gift every year for the past four years.
Lorelai: Well, I need to make up for that first year where I didn't milk it like I should've.
Rory: The spirit of giving is completely lost on you.
Lorelai: But the spirit of getting is alive and well and it wants its chimney swept. Ooh, put down laundry, too.
Rory: Fine, then can he also build me another bookshelf?
Lorelai: I've never been prouder of you than I am right at this moment.
Rory: And tell him to paint little flowers on it.
Lorelai: 'cause he's so good with the florals.

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