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Quote from Joey in The One Where Ross Moves In

Joey: All right, I have one question. What is the deal with this?
Chandler: Bye-bye, little puppet Joey hand?
Joey: No, the quiet down thing.
Chandler: Oh, you mean this.
Joey: Uh-mmm! Look, I don't know how much more I can take. Did you know he taped over my Baywatch tape with some show about bugs? My God. What if that had been porn?
Chandler: Oh.


 ‘The One Where Ross Moves In’ Quotes

Quote from Monica

Rachel: How's Ross doing since all the Emily stuff?
Monica: He's not great, but he's dealing with it. Oh, wait a minute, you're not going to try-
Rachel: Oh, honey, no. Please. I can't get started with all that Ross stuff again. I mean, he's going to be screwed up for a long time. Besides, I don't go for guys right after they get divorced.
Monica: Right, you only go for them five minutes before they get married.

Quote from Ross

Joey: Since you're going to be here for a while, I was thinking we could put your name on the answering machine.
Chandler: Oh, yeah.
Ross: I hope you don't mind but I kind of already jazzed it up a little. Check it out. [Queen's "We Will Rock You" playing] We will, We will call you back.
Joey: Pretty cool. [to Chandler] You're fake laughing too, right?
Chandler: Oh, the tears are real.

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Quote from The One After Vegas

Joey: Where is the waitress? I'm starving.
Chandler: It's a buffet, man.
Joey: Oh, here's where I win all my money back!

Quote from The One with the Truth About London

Chandler: How can I not be upset? I finally fall in love with this fantastic woman and it turns out she wanted you first.
Joey: Yeah, for like a half an hour one night. Chandler, she wants you for the rest of her life. We look at you and we see you together, and it just it fits, you know? And you just know it's gonna last forever.
Chandler: That's what you should say.
Joey: What?
Chandler: When you're marrying us, that's what you should say.
Joey: Really? I could do it?
Chandler: I'd love you to do it.
Chandler: But those are the words. Those exact words.
Joey: Well, I don't remember exactly but it's pretty much about having and giving and sharing and receiving.