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Sleeping with the Enemy

‘Sleeping with the Enemy’

Season 3, Episode 6 -  Aired November 14, 1995

Frasier and Kate are caught in a charged stand-off when he leads a revolt against station management.

Quote from Frasier

Kate: No, I am not going down that road again.
Frasier: 'Course you're not. Because at the end of that road is a cul-de-sac of vulnerability. That's not you, is it?
No, you're cement-hard.
Kate: "Cul-de-sac of vulnerability"? All right, listen. You see me for a couple of hours out of
every day, and you think you know me? The me me? All right, I can be tough. Okay, I've gotta be. I can also be tender, spontaneous, shy, lusty, playful.
Frasier: Kittenish?
Kate: I could climb you like a scratching post.
Both: Damn it!
[Kate climbs on her desk. They start kissing again]


Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Stop! What are we doing? Now, there are people out there counting on us.
Kate: Right, you're absolutely right. We've gotta put personal pleasure aside until we get this thing resolved.
Frasier: Absolutely. We owe it to them. If it takes every minute of every hour of every day, and every ounce of strength we have, we have got to settle this strike! All right. Those people deserve a five percent raise.
Kate: I'll give you three.
Frasier: Four!
Kate: Done.
[They kiss again]

Quote from Roz

[Roz has her ears placed on Kate's office door]
Bulldog: Hey, any news?
Roz: Frasier's hanging tough! He just keeps pounding that desk and saying, "More, more, more!"

Quote from Martin

Martin: Hey, Niles!
Niles: Maris found a grey hair.
Martin: Daphne, get Niles a brandy.
Niles: It was right at the apex of her widow's peak.
Martin: Better bring the bottle!

Quote from Frasier

June: "Well, my husband is always criticizing me, because in restaurants I like to listen in on strangers' conversations. I don't know why he makes such a big deal out of nothing."
[Noel goes into Roz's booth, leads her into the corridor behind Frasier's booth]
Frasier: Well, June, I suppose your lack of interest makes your husband feel invisible. Imagine what it must be like to sit [glances out the window] across from someone who's constantly scanning, [turns back to look out the window] searching, craning their neck to see... Just what the hell is going on out there?
June: "Oh gosh, you're right. I've been insensitive. It's just common decency to stay focused on the other person."
Frasier: Huh? What? Oh, well, good for you, Jane!
June: "June!"
Frasier: Oh, yeah, well, whatever! Er, this is Dr Frasier Crane, KACL 780.

Quote from Noel

Noel: What's the point? If we strike they'll just replace us. They only care about the on-air people.
Roz: So we'll get their support. Frasier just said he's on our side.
Frasier: I did? Well, well, yes I, I did, I did, yes. But my meager endorsement is- is meaningless without the
support of the other talent.
Roz: Did hear that? Frasier's gonna get everyone on our side!
Frasier: What? Er I- I'd love to, to help, but you know, I'm already in hot water with that woman. You can't ask me to raise a mutiny against her.
Noel: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, Starship Enterprise. [does the Vulcan salute]
Frasier: Go away, you annoying little man.

Quote from Niles

Niles: You know, there is no greater friend to the working man than my own Maris.
Frasier: Mmm.
Niles: Remember, when our stable boy Joachim's appendix burst? She had him driven back to the border at her own personal expense.

Quote from Gil

Daphne: [gasps] Gil Chesterton, the restaurant critic!
Gil: [takes a snack from Daphne's tray] Yes.
Daphne: Oh, I just love those wicked things you say when the food is bad.
Gil: Well, keep bringing these and you won't be disappointed!

Quote from Gil

Gil: Suddenly, I'm feeling very Norma Rae.

Quote from Frasier

Kate: Wow. What have we here?
Frasier: We are dissatisfied with the wage freeze and we demand to speak to you about it. Don't we? [the crowd voices support]
Kate: All right, but aren't you people still on the clock?
[The crowd voices support, then retreats]
Kate: Well hi-ho the dairy-o, the cheese stands alone.

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