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Quote from Niles in Someone to Watch Over Me

Frasier: Yes, well I'm sorry. It's not like I'm nominated for a SeaBea every year. Oh, wait a minute, yes it is!
Niles: Well as some illustrious person once said, "popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity."
Frasier: You just made that up didn't you?
Niles: Yes, but I stand by it.


 ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ Quotes

Quote from Martin

Daphne: Oh, how sweet. Your fan knitted you a scarf.
Frasier: Yes, but when did she find the time to put it in my briefcase. I haven't had it out of my hand all day, except for when I was in the barber's chair.
Martin: Hell, that didn't give her more than thirty seconds.

Quote from Daphne

Niles: She has the handwriting of a sociopath.
Frasier: Oh, she does not.
Niles: Big loops.
Daphne: That's exactly how Scotland Yard caught "The Butcher of Brighton". He used big loops, a clear sign of anger. And he crossed his t's in a downward stroke indicating aggression. Of course, he also kept a Demitasse saucer full of eyelids on his night table. [Daphne leaves the room]
Frasier: Anybody here besides me think we should put a two-way lock on her door?

Quote from Daphne

Cindy: Who are these people?
Frasier: This is my brother, Dr. Niles Crane, my father, Martin, and his home care specialist, Daphne Moon.
Daphne: Goodness. You've seen quite a bit of mayhem in your day.
Cindy: Excuse me?
Daphne: Well, you see, I can sense these things. I'm a bit psychic. Ooh, wait, I'm getting a flash now. Did you have a grandfather with a steel plate in his head?
Cindy: [to Frasier] This lunatic who's been calling you - any particular accent?