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Season 5, Episode 23 -  Aired May 14, 2001

Debra is upset to learn her parents are separated when her mother, Lois (guest star Katherine Helmond), comes for a visit.

Quote from Ray

Robert: Leave me alone!
Ray: Come on! We said it before. I'm the bad guy.
Robert: You said that. I did not agree to that.
Ray: Well, there can't be two bad guys, okay? That doesn't make sense.
Robert: Look, I wanna be the bad guy, okay? I'm always a good guy. I'm a cop. It's monotonous. Listen, I bought the mustache.
Ray: Yeah, well, it's my kid's party, okay? They all hate the good guy.
Robert: So you could use a little hate.
Ray: You know what? [rips Robert's mustache off]
Robert: Aah!
Ray: [runs out] It's Rotten Raymond!


Quote from Ray

Ray: Howdy.
Debra: Would you take that off, please?
Ray: Yes, Ma'am. Feeling any better?
Debra: I guess.
Ray: Sorry about your parents.
Debra: I know.
Ray: But you know that's not us. 'Cause I... I think we kinda get everything out in the open. [Debra hugs Ray]
Debra: Tighter. Tighter.
Ray: You want me to put on the mustache?

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