Manny Quote #5

Quote from Manny in Everybody Hates Kwanzaa

Manny: What's wrong, Julius?
Julius: Man, those papers are heavy this time of year. Kills my back.
Manny: What's going on for the holidays?
Julius: Not much. I didn't get my Christmas bonus. It's gonna be tight.
Manny: It's tight, all right, man. I ain't got this year, man. I'm not buying no gifts, I'm not buying no cards. I'm not even calling nobody, man. Everybody getting the same gift from me this year... hope. Hope I buy them something.
Julius: Thanks, Manny Have a good one, man.
Manny: Good luck, man.


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Quote from Kill Moves

Kathleen Devereaux: Well, thank you for bringing my boy home. He gets lost easily.
Chris: Has he always been like this?
Kathleen Devereaux: You mean "crazy"?
Kill Moves: [sinister laugh]
Chris: Yeah.
Kathleen Devereaux: Oh, Edgar's always been savant-like. As a little child, he had a talent for charts, graphs, numbers and martial arts.
Chris: Really?
Kathleen Devereaux: Edgar, what is the square root of pi?
Kill Moves: 1.77245385.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] I knew that.

Quote from Kill Moves

Adult Chris: [v.o.] While my family was preparing for Kwanzaa, I was preparing to go shopping with Kill Moves. I didn't know much about him except that on Sunday mornings he directed traffic in his underwear.
Chris: Hey, Kill Moves.
Kill Moves: Merry... [holding a traffic cone] Oh, I thought you was the mailman. I was gonna give him this Christmas tip. Come on in.
Chris: You got cable?
Kill Moves: Can't miss Inside The NFL. I love Nick Buoniconti. So we looking for a gift for your mother?
Chris: No, it's actually for your mother.
Kill Moves: Don't talk about my mama!
Chris: I didn't mean like that.
Kill Moves: That's okay. I didn't hear you anyway.

Quote from Kill Moves

Chris: Hey, Kill Moves. You waiting for soup?
Kill Moves: This a soup line? I was waiting to sit on Santa's lap.
Chris: Well, what do you want Santa to give you?
Kill Moves: 300 issues of Jet magazine, a solid gold football helmet and an Ionic Breeze air purifier.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] That last thing hadn't even been invented yet.
Chris: Anything else?
Kill Moves: A Christmas present for my mother.
Chris: Really? I can help you with that.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] This was the perfect opportunity to get rid of my school assignment, and it was the daily double; I got to help a homeless person and a crazy person at the same time.