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Quote from Sam in Go Make

Sam: Hey, listen, uh, you don't have any advice for a guy who's about to start his family, do you?
Man: Well, you know, it's, like it's no big secret what you need to start a happy family. Love! You know, if a man and woman really love each other, they pass that love onto the kids, and they'll grow up strong and healthy.
Sam: Yeah, well, I mean, I know love's okay and everything, but, uh, you know, what about, uh, those other important things like friendship and a sense of humor?
Man: A sense of humor?
Sam: Yeah.
Man: What's that gonna get you? I mean, look at Martin and Lewis. They had a sense of humor. But were they happy?
Sam: No, they weren't.
Man: No, because it takes love.
Sam: You've got a lot of that, huh?
Man: Me? No, I can't stand my missus. It's been 20 years of living hell for me.
Boy #1: [o.s.] Hey look, it's Dad. What's the matter? Can't you even find your way back to the room, you stupid idiot.
Man: Those are the kids.
Boy #2: [o.s.] Come on, Dad, move your fat ass, and give me 50 bucks for the arcade.
Man: On my good days, l, uh, pray for death. Good luck to you, son. You're gonna need it. [Sam closes the door]
Sam: Eh. I bet that wouldn't have happened if he'd named one of his kids Sam.


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Quote from Paul

Paul: Hey, you guys ever hear of something called the Polar Bear Club?
Cliff: Uh...
Paul: Well, it's great. We used to do it all the time where I grew up. Bunch of guys get in their cars. They drive down to the ocean. They strip down to their skivvies and they run right into the water.
Cliff: Uh, I was thinking more of a, uh, belching contest.
Norm: Oh, I don't know, uh, loudest or longest?
Paul: Fine. Fine, but you guys don't know what you're missing. Now, when we were kids we didn't care if it was January or February, we just jumped in that ocean and swam. It felt great. It was like we scored one against winter.
Woody: Hey, if it's good enough for Mr. Krapence.
Frasier: Well, are we up to it, men?
Cliff: All right. Well, uh, well, it's one of the earthly thrills I haven't tried yet. Let's do it!
Guys: [chanting] Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Polar Bear! Polar Bear... [Frasier, Norm, Cliff and Woody march out of the bar]
Carla: So, Paul, where were you brought up?
Paul: Honolulu.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Oh, I sense the mood of the bar. You're all suffering from the winter blues, the shortened daylight hours, the cold numbing weather, the bleak sense of isolation. It's what we in the psychiatric profession call, the jackpot!

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Quote from I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday

Diane: Sam, I know you to be a man of pride and principle, but strength is also to be found in the ability to bend. Witness the willow, nature's strongest tree.
Sam: No, I thought the oak was the strongest tree.
Diane: Only in furniture.
Sam: What about the saying "strong as the mighty oak"?
Diane: The oak can be felled by a single harsh wind under the right circumstances.
Sam: All right, but what about birch and mahogany? Now, those--
Diane: Would you shut up about the damn trees?
Sam: You brought them up.

Quote from The Proposal

Sam: You know, for the longest time, I kept pretending about you. I guess I was afraid to really admit my feelings. But from the very start, down deep inside, I have been crazy about you. Crazier about you than any other woman I've ever met. I mean, hell, I was crazy about you even when I hated you. [Diane laughs] What I'm trying to say is will you marry me?
Diane: No.
Sam: No?
Diane: No.
Sam: Are you serious?
Diane: I'm afraid I am.
Sam: Well... seems to me you have two choices. One, I can throw you in. Or two, you can jump in.