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Quote from Woody in The Last Picture Show

Cliff: So, uh, what'd I miss? Why- Why is that girl, uh, running around screaming at everybody?
Norm: Well, she's trying to convince them that, uh, that Godzilla's merely confused and not really trying to hurt them.
Cliff: Isn't that the part usually played by Akiro Nakamoto?
Norm: Yeah, yeah. But, uh, she left halfway through the Godzilla series.
Woody: I don't understand. Why would an actress leave right in the middle of a successful series?


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Quote from Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real

Sam: Come on. It's a golden opportunity. We can win this time. We can steal all of Gary's best ideas and use 'em against this new guy. And you remember how Gary's always going first? We can learn from that. We can move first ourselves.
Frasier: Very good, Sam. As that famous prankster Santayana once said, "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it."
Woody: You got that right, Doctor Crane. Back in high school I was condemned to repeat History three times. By the way, the same goes for Mathematics.

Quote from Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist

Woody: I can't believe it. I'm being shunned. Just like back in Hanover. Just like with the Amish.
Norm: Wood? Who, uh, who shunned you back in Hanover?
Woody: The Amish. Weren't you here for this part?

Quote from Look Before You Sleep

Sam: Good night, Woody.
Woody: Oh, hey, uh, listen, Sam. You know, don't worry about that bug killer stuff. They say to stay out for 24 hours, but that's just overcautious. They sprayed my building once. I went right back in.
Carla: Come on.
Woody: Okay, let's go. Oh, by the way, Sam, uh, listen, uh, I was meaning to tell you. Don't worry about that bug killer stuff. They tell you to stay out for 24 hours. That's just overcautious. They sprayed my building once. I went right back in. You ready, Carla?

‘The Last Picture Show’ Quotes

Quote from Woody

Frasier: So, this is your precious drive-in? [chuckles] Tin box squawking in our ears, endless parade of people walking in front of the car, a man in a rubber dragon suit stepping on miniature Japanese houses.
Norm: Yeah, you believe they're gonna tear this place down?
Woody: You guys, this couldn't really happen, could it? Hmm? I mean, don't think I'm stupid or anything, but I mean, you know, if there really was atomic testing offshore, and it woke up a dinosaur, and it got affected by the radiation, I mean, you know, not exactly like this, but maybe something pretty close?
Norm: Woody, Woody, Woody, when are you gonna grow up? [chuckles] Course it could happen.

Quote from Sam

Sam: I bought this place from Gus.
Gus O'Malley: Yeah.
Woody: Sam, you've been had. You already own this bar.
Gus O'Malley: You must be Coach's boy.
Sam: It's a good guess, but, no, he, uh... Actually, you know, uh, Coach passed away several years ago.
Gus O'Malley: Oh, that's too bad.
Sam: Yeah.

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: Boy, oh, boy, you know, I'll never forget Ma used to take me down there all bundled up in my pyjamas and all, you know. Yeah, as a matter of fact, it was at the Twi-Lite that I first saw Herbie, the Love Bug.
Norm: Cliffie, Herbie, the Love Bug came out in, uh, 1969, and you were born in, uh...
Sam: Oh, please, man, don't. Don't do the math.