Frasier Quote #651

Quote from Frasier in The Magnificent Six

Sam: Aw, shoot.
Carla: I guess Henri wins.
Henri: I win! I win! France has won! France has won!
Frasier: There's something you never hear.


 ‘The Magnificent Six’ Quotes

Quote from Cliff

Norm: Hey, Cliffie. What you doing?
Cliff: Uh, writing a letter of application for the Eco pod.
Norm: What the heck's the Eco pod?
Cliff: It's a totally self-contained environment located in a mile-wide bubble underneath the desert floor. Yeah. It's gonna be inhabited by the best and the brightest of the, uh, human species, so I- I thought I'd apply.
Carla: They're gonna have a zoo in there, too?
Cliff: Yeah. Yeah, very funny, Carla. You'll be laughing out of the other side of your face when they make me Postmaster General of the Eco pod.
Frasier: Actually, the Eco pod does have some scientific merit. It was designed by a colleague of Lilith's, Dr. Louis Pascal. It will serve as a prototype for the colonization of space. Plus which, the grant money is incredible. I hear Pascal's driving a Lexus.
Cliff: Boy, I sure hope I get a shot at being sealed up in that thing.
Carla: Say, would a petition help?
Cliff: It might.
Alan: Hey, I'll sign that.
Carla: No! I'm first!
Norm: Okay.
Cliff: Boy. [weepy] You guys are the best friends a fellow ever had.

Quote from Norm

Cliff: Normie, now that Sammy's dead, you realize we're gonna have to live vicariously through Henri?
Norm: No, Cliffie. Just say we stopped living vicariously through others, huh? What do you say we get off our duffs for once, and live ourselves, so that some other poor slubs can live vicariously through us? Huh? What do you say we... [laughs] Oh, shoot! Damn, I nearly got through it, too!
Cliff: You were good.
Norm: Yeah.
Cliff: I thought you were gonna do it!

Quote from Norm

Norm: Well, Henri, let me be your first customer, okay? I would like a beer, please, and put it on my tab.
Henri: Aren't you supposed to pay when served?
Norm: Well, as long as we're bringing up the matter of debt, Frenchie, let me bring up a couple little things called World War I and World War ll, okay? Now, why don't we subtract the cost of my puny little beer from the enormous debt that you owe us?
Henri: Okay, okay.
Cliff: Hey, uh, you came down pretty hard on him, didn't you, Norm?
Norm: Damn it, Cliffie. My dad was almost in the army.