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Quote from Diane in Cliff's Rocky Moment

Sam: Okay, right now, top of the page, you have Bears against the Dolphins. Now. We have a home field advantage which means you've got to be...
Diane: Bears.
Sam: Bears, just like that?
Diane: Well, of course, Sam, a bear against a dolphin? Come on. I mean, that's not even a fair fight. Okay, now what about the Dallas guys against Atlanta?
Sam: All right, all right. Atlanta. Atlanta, uh...
Diane: What color uniforms do they wear?
Sam: Color?
Diane: Yes, the color will tell you the winner. Red beats blue, blue beats yellow, yellow beats mauve.
Sam: Wait. Hey, are you telling me you're going to pick Atlanta over Dallas because of the color of the uniforms? Dallas who up until last week had won six games in a row.
Diane: Who beat them last week?
Sam: Washington.
Diane: And what color was Washington wearing?
Sam: None of your business.

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