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Quote from Diane in Cliff's Rocky Moment

Sam: Okay, right now, top of the page, you have Bears against the Dolphins. Now. We have a home field advantage which means you've got to be...
Diane: Bears.
Sam: Bears, just like that?
Diane: Well, of course, Sam, a bear against a dolphin? Come on. I mean, that's not even a fair fight. Okay, now what about the Dallas guys against Atlanta?
Sam: All right, all right. Atlanta. Atlanta, uh...
Diane: What color uniforms do they wear?
Sam: Color?
Diane: Yes, the color will tell you the winner. Red beats blue, blue beats yellow, yellow beats mauve.
Sam: Wait. Hey, are you telling me you're going to pick Atlanta over Dallas because of the color of the uniforms? Dallas who up until last week had won six games in a row.
Diane: Who beat them last week?
Sam: Washington.
Diane: And what color was Washington wearing?
Sam: None of your business.


 ‘Cliff's Rocky Moment’ Quotes

Quote from Diane

Coach: Sam, have you filled in your football pool yet? I gotta pick up the slips in half an hour.
Sam: I'm working on it, Coach.
Diane: I'm almost done with mine.
Coach: Good girl, Diane.
Sam: Yours? Why do you even bother to fill one out? I mean, you don't even like football.
Diane: Well, I don't dislike it. Believe it or not, Sam, I was on the pep squad when I was in high school. Some of my most stirring memories are of cheering for whomever it was to do whatever they were supposed to do to whomever they were supposed to do it.
Sam: Oh, spirit like that can really fire a team up, huh?

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: Yeah, well, with the recent strides in genetic engineering, I mean, we'll soon be faced with the possibility of producing enormous farm animals to feed the hungry millions. Now, imagine one cow to feed a city, one egg making an omelette for an entire whole family. Yeah, I mean with the advances we're making, the future is limitless.
Victor: So is his mouth. Doesn't he ever shut up?
Coach: Who?
Victor: Gabby, the wonder boob.
Cliff: Is that humorous appellation supposed to refer to me there, friend?
Victor: Yeah. Do you realize your lips have been flapping for over an hour? Give it a rest, pal, and give us a break.
Cliff: Ah, doesn't seem fair now, Norm, does it?
Norm: What?
Cliff: That I have so much knowledge and there are people in the world who have to go to bed stupid every night.
Victor: Watch your step, pal.

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Quote from No Help Wanted

Diane: Sam, now, it's true, hiring Norman has emotional overtones. But without emotions, the mind becomes a stagnant pond. And let's face it, in your case, we're not exactly dealing with white water rapids in the first place.

Quote from Sam's Women

Diane: Sam, do yourself a favor. Go back to your tootsies and your rat parts. I'd hate to see the bowling alleys close on my account.
Sam: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you saying that I'm too dumb to date smart women?
Diane: I'm saying that it would be very difficult for you. A really intelligent woman would see your line of BS a mile away.
Sam: You think so?
Diane: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Sam: You know, well, I've never met an intelligent woman that I'd want to date.
Diane: On behalf of the intelligent women around the world, may I just say... Phew.