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Quiz Show

‘Quiz Show’

Season 4, Episode 19 -  Aired March 21, 1997

When Cory and Shawn are drafted in as last-minute replacements for a dull educational game show, the producers sense they've got a hit in their minds if they dumb down the show.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: I'm going to try to put this as kindly as possible. The show has turned into a circus and you three are driving the tiny car.


Quote from Cory

Cory: Finally someone understands my particular genuis.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: The Champions of what, Mr. Matthews? Of a generation whose verbal and mathematical skills have sunk so low, when you have the highest level of technology at your fingertips. Guttenberg's generation thirsted for a new book every six months. Your generation gets a new webpage every six seconds. And how do you use this technology? To beat King Cooper and save the Princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get.
* The bell rings *
Sit down. Stay where you are. For the first time, I choose to walk out on you.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Amy: Alan, I used to watch High School Quiz Show when I was a kid. I remember the contestants were all really smart.
Alan: Are you asking me why Cory is on the show?
Amy: Yeah.
Alan: George?
Mr. Feeny: We live in a random and chaotic universe.

Quote from Shawn

Producer: Boys, where do you go to high school?
Shawn: We go to ... Cory, who's that guy?
Cory: What, the head in the hallway?
Shawn: Yeah.
Cory: That's John Adams' head.
Shawn: We go to John Adams Head High School.

Quote from Alan

Alan: I don't understand what kind of audience they're trying to impress with this show.
Eric: Rocko's a wallaby. This is stuff I don't know!
Alan: Now I get it.

Quote from Cory

Producer: Is this the thanks I get for making you famous?
Cory: Actually nobody recognizes me without my brain hat.