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Security Guy

‘Security Guy’

Season 4, Episode 20 -  Aired April 25, 1997

After another screw up at work, Amy fires Eric from the outdoors store. Eric gets a job as a security guard, but Mr. Feeny thinks Eric is ignoring his potential and should instead re-take the SATs. Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga try convince Shawn to take Feeny's SAT preparation class.

Quote from Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny: Eric could get passing grades in his sleep. And he did, which is a shame because I'd be hard pressed to come up with a handful of students who are brighter, wittier or smarter than Eric.


Quote from Eric

Eric: Hi, it's me, Eric. What are you doing now?
Mr. Feeny: Well, I was sleeping. It's something I've gotten accustomed to in the middle of the night.
Eric: That's cool. Get dressed.
Mr. Feeny: Are you crazy, man?
Eric: Yeah. Yeah, I am. See I've got this book of colleges and I need you to help me pick out a good one. So come on, get dressed. Let's go.

Quote from Eric

Amy: Eric, are you going to work?
Eric: Uh, mom, yeah. Put a little food on the table, keep you in pretty things. Let's go, pops.

Quote from Eric

Alan: You took a job as a security guard?
Amy: Why would you possibly want to do that?
Eric: Oh, only for about ten reasons. One: walkie-talkie. Two: partner. Three: dog. Four: partner, sometimes we switch partner. Five: you want me to keep going? Six: I pack heat.
Amy: You carry a gun?
Eric: No, heater. It gets cold out there in the shed.