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Quote from Lucille in Hand to God

Narrator: In fact, Michael's family had just gotten a little smaller.
Michael: [answers phone] Hello?
Lucille: [screams down the line]
Michael: Mom, you've got to stop starting conversations like that.
Lucille: Something happened to Buster. He lost part of his body. I don't know which one.
Oscar: The hand.
Lucille: I told him to stay out of the ocean, but we had a fight. Who remembers about what?
Narrator: I do. Buster had discovered that his Uncle Oscar was his true father. As an act of defiance to Lucille, he first went swimming in the ocean, where he was attacked by a loose seal.


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Quote from Maeby

Narrator: In fact, she was overseeing a remake of The Old Man And The Sea for the film studio where she'd bluffed her way into a job.
Maeby: What on earth is taking so long? Am I the only one who wants to get home and see their kids?

Quote from Lucille

Narrator: And back at the penthouse, Lucille was praying for the second time in her life.
Lucille: Lord, let Buster forget everything. And if you need to take another hand to make that happen, please make it Gob's.

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Quote from Public Relations

Lucille: I'll have the Ike and Tina Tuna.
Waitress: Plate or platter?
Lucille: I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

Quote from Charity Drive

Lucille: Don't you judge me. You're the selfish one. You're the one who charged his own brother for a Bluth frozen banana. I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
Michael: You've never actually set foot in a supermarket, have you?