Lucille Quote #163

Quote from Lucille in Forget-Me-Now

Buster: Ah, did you tell him about my medal?
Michael: Medal? What for?
Lucille: Oh, who knows what they were saying?
Army Sergeant: [talks rapidly] Do you agree with this? Say thank you.
Buster: Thank you. Wow. I have so many people to thank.
Man: [o.s.] Private Ashford, step forward.
Lucille: It's probably because a seal bit off his hand. The army has taken to giving medals for being food.


 ‘Forget-Me-Now’ Quotes

Quote from Tobias

Lindsay: Bob Loblaw's a handsome, professional man and I'm only used to ... Well, none of those things.
Tobias: Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over: an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist.
Lindsay: Yes, and you were almost arrested for those business cards.
Tobias: Yes. No, it did not look good on paper but I didn't stop because of the police inquiries, I stopped to raise our little daughter. But since we have both started to grow hair in unexpected places, I supposed I shall soon be working as a leading man. And she may soon start dating.

Quote from George Sr.

Michael: It's been a week. Nothing's happened.
Larry: Yeah, but you're not the one stuck under house arrest like a sitting duck.
Michael: Yeah, that's my father. That's why we had the meeting here, so that he couldn't interfere.
Larry: Interfere? I ought to pull down your pants and spank your ass raw.
Michael: I'm sorry. Have we met?
Bob Loblaw: Oh, yes, this is Larry Mittleman. He's your father's surrogate.
Michael: Surrogate?
Larry: That's right, you dumb [bleep].
George Sr.: [into headset] I hired this guy to wear a camera in his hat so he could be my eyes and ears while I'm stuck in this penthouse.
Larry: This camera helps me keep tabs on you idiots, while this thing rubs my ankle raw.
George Sr.: I mean, look at this thing.
Larry: I can't even go in the hallway...
George Sr.: without hearing
Larry: that beep, beep, beep.
Bob Loblaw: [checks pager] That's one of my partners. Excuse me.

 Lucille Bluth Quotes

Quote from Public Relations

Lucille: I'll have the Ike and Tina Tuna.
Waitress: Plate or platter?
Lucille: I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

Quote from Charity Drive

Lucille: Don't you judge me. You're the selfish one. You're the one who charged his own brother for a Bluth frozen banana. I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
Michael: You've never actually set foot in a supermarket, have you?