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Quote from Tobias in Courting Disasters

Narrator: As the trial was continuing, Dusty was desperate for any kind of witness.
Tobias: Guys and Dolls...
Narrator: Even one that came with a headshot.
Tobias: I was more than interested to try out to be one of the character witnesses in Buster's trial.
Dusty: Well, Tobias, thank you very much for offering.
Buster: That's very nice.
Tobias: Oh, please. I know the Buster character better than anyone. I could play Buster with one arm tied behind my back. In fact, I've played Buster with two arms tied behind my back. I was handcuffed.
Buster: [chuckles] Now, that's a witness.
Dusty: Um, we don't need you to play Buster on the stand, more just talk about him as a person.
Tobias: Oh. Well, you don't think I'd be more appealing as the accused? I mean, the Buster I played could never kill.

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