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Quote from Dick in The Tooth Harry

Dick: Now, Harry, here are the keys. And remember, have them fill up the tank, check the wiper fluid, and hang a new pine tree air freshener.
Harry: What about the three flat tires?
Dick: If you have time.
Harry: Okay.


 ‘The Tooth Harry’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Mary: Well, why are you going to the dentist?
Nina: I'm having my wisdom teeth removed.
Dick: Wouldn't it make more sense to have extra ones installed?
Nina: Don't mess with me. Not today.

Quote from Harry

Dentist: All righty, Nina. We'll see you in a few days, and I'll take out the other 2 wisdom teeth
Harry: Nina, are you okay?
Nina: [muffled, dopey] Harry. Oh, you waited all this time. That's so sweet.
Harry: Oh, my God. You've been drugged. [to the dentist] Is that how you get your jollies, you sick bastard?
Nina: Harry, no. I don't feel so good. Can we go home now?
Harry: Sure. Come on, Nina. I'll make sure that nobody ever hurts you again
Dentist: I need to see her Friday.
Harry: Until Friday.

 Dick Solomon Quotes

Quote from Fear and Loathing in Rutherford

Strudwick: You know, it's funny. I used to bring these creamers home to Alissa. She'd have little tea parties with her stuffed animals. They grow up quick, don't they?
Dick: Yeah. I can remember when Tommy didn't even know how to wipe his own butt. Then he figured it out all on his own. And taught me.

Quote from Brains and Eggs

Mary: For future reference, I have a red Volvo.
Dick: [gasps] Please, Dr. Albright! We barely know each other.