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Quote from Dick in When Aliens Camp

Tommy: Seriously, Dick let's get going, huh?
Dick: Oh, no! No, you shunned me! No. These are my people now. We're staying in these woods forever.
Beaver Scout #1: Forever?
Dick: Forever.
Beaver Scout #2: Yeah, but it's only half an hour till hamburger time back at camp.
Dick: No, no. We're gonna kill a boar, remember? We can eat for a week!
Beaver Scout #3: We got school on Monday, ya moron!
Dick: Hey, I thought we agreed that school was for, you know, fools.
Beaver Scout #2: Fools? You're the one with peanut butter on his face.
Beaver Scout #3: Let's go.
Beaver Scout #1: It was fun till he took his pants off.
Dick: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! What about our- the plans for- the world we- the cool fort?
All: Blah, blah, blah!
Dick: Well, this is probably a long shot, but did you bring my bathrobe? And maybe some handi wipes?


 ‘When Aliens Camp’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Dick: Bottle opener? That'll be useful. A saw? God knows- God knows we'll use that. A scissors? Get out of town! Oh, that Swiss army. Yeah, when they get in the game, they are ready to play. Sweet lord! A toothpick! Nina, have you got anything stuck in your teeth that I can assist you with?
Nina: No, thanks. I'm good.
Dick: Oh. That's a shame.

Quote from Sally

Tommy: Hey, check it out. Those two dragonflies are doin' it.
Sally: I wish I was a dragonfly.
Tommy: So you could be doin' it?
Sally: No. So I could fly my ass outta here.

Quote from Harry

Dick: [gunshots] Harry, what was that?
Harry: I don't know. I just bent over to dig up some worms and these fat guys in orange vests started shooting at me.
Mary: Oh, my god, Harry. You've gotta be more careful. They probably thought you were a-
Sally: Oh, here we go. More woodsy wisdom from Albright of the Jungle.