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Quote from Harry in Seven Deadly Clips

Dick: Oh, we shouldn't have had that steak.
Sally: Well, I think we covered all the deadly sins.
Tommy: No. No, actually, there's another one.
Dick: Well, I'm too much of a sloth to think of it.
Harry: Whoa, wait. That's it.
Dick: What, sloth?
Harry: No. Thinking.


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Quote from Harry

Tommy: This ice cream's delicious.
Harry: Actually, it's "sinfully delicious." I would gladly go to hell for a pint of this.
Sally: Wait a minute. So you're trying to tell me that eating a pint of that and killing a guy are equally bad?
Dick: No. Actually, there are different kinds of sin. Some are innocent and others quite deadly.
Tommy: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, the seven deadly sins. I learned about them at school.
Harry: Ah, yes. Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, and Murder.

Quote from Sally

Dick: I only asked for one example. You know something, pride shouldn't even be one of the seven deadly sins. There's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, especially if you look like me.
Tommy: You're not that great, Dick.
Dick: Oh, come on! Telling me I'm not great? That should be one of the seven deadly sins right there. Who's with me?
Sally: Oh, shut up, Dick. Everything is always about you. It's really pissing me off.
Tommy: You know, that's one of the seven deadly sins right there.
Sally: Pissing me off?
Tommy: No. Anger.
Sally: Oh, shut up.

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Quote from InDickscretion

Harry: Well, I'm going with ya. Because I, too, have a wanderlust inspired by a different book.
Tommy: You do?
Harry: Indeed. And one day far from here, you and I will point our fingers at that bespectacled man with the sock hat and proudly say, "There's Waldo!"
Tommy: Harry, Waldo's a fictional character.
Harry: Ah, then it will be that much sweeter... when we find him.

Quote from The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

Dick: Oh, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to feel. Who am I?!
Harry: Well, let me see. Your first name's Dick. Your new last name is Head, so I guess that would make...
Dick: Oh, my God.