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‘Seven Deadly Clips’ Quotes

3rd Rock from the Sun: Seven Deadly Clips

309. Seven Deadly Clips

Aired December 3, 1997

As they overindulge at the dinner table, the Solomons talk about the seven deadly sins. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Harry

Tommy: This ice cream's delicious.
Harry: Actually, it's "sinfully delicious." I would gladly go to hell for a pint of this.
Sally: Wait a minute. So you're trying to tell me that eating a pint of that and killing a guy are equally bad?
Dick: No. Actually, there are different kinds of sin. Some are innocent and others quite deadly.
Tommy: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, the seven deadly sins. I learned about them at school.
Harry: Ah, yes. Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, and Murder.


Quote from Harry

Dick: Oh, we shouldn't have had that steak.
Sally: Well, I think we covered all the deadly sins.
Tommy: No. No, actually, there's another one.
Dick: Well, I'm too much of a sloth to think of it.
Harry: Whoa, wait. That's it.
Dick: What, sloth?
Harry: No. Thinking.

Quote from Sally

Dick: I only asked for one example. You know something, pride shouldn't even be one of the seven deadly sins. There's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, especially if you look like me.
Tommy: You're not that great, Dick.
Dick: Oh, come on! Telling me I'm not great? That should be one of the seven deadly sins right there. Who's with me?
Sally: Oh, shut up, Dick. Everything is always about you. It's really pissing me off.
Tommy: You know, that's one of the seven deadly sins right there.
Sally: Pissing me off?
Tommy: No. Anger.
Sally: Oh, shut up.

Quote from Harry

Dick: You know, as far as I'm concerned, if anger is a deadly sin, it's a healthy deadly sin. It gets things out in the open. As long we keep everything out in the open, we'll be fine. [inner monologue] Why does she have a bigger eclair than I do?
Sally: [inner monologue] He's wearing a new sweater. Why does he get to spend all the money on clothes?
Tommy: [inner monologue] I wish my hair would get that long.
Harry: [inner monologue] Look how envious they all are. I wish I was like that.

Quote from Harry

Harry: Well, as long as we're talking about the seven deadly sins, I have a confession to make. I am guilty of the deadliest sin of them all: fallin' down.

Quote from Dick

Dick: You know something? There is nothing better than a chocolate brownie.
Harry: Nothing?
Dick: Nope. Nothing.
Harry: Nothing?
Dick: Nope. Nothing.
All: Nothing?
Dick: Oh. Of course.
[Dick imagines the production line at a chocolate factory]

Quote from Tommy

Harry: No, wait. That's not what I meant.
Dick: What did you mean?
Harry: Well, I meant lust.
Sally: Wait. Lust is a deadly sin?
Tommy: It is if you do it right. Not that I'd know.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Okay. Next sin?
Harry: Whoa. Hold on there, fella. You sure you don't want to go back to that last sin some more?
Sally: Hey, don't get greedy, Okay?
Tommy: Oh, th- That's another sin right there, greed.
Dick: Well, we're not greedy. In fact, we're the most giving, unselfish, thoughtful group of ragtag misfits that this damn planet has ever seen. Guys, I love you.
Sally: Love you back.

Quote from Harry

Harry: I tell ya something. Not only are we a caring, thoughtful, giving family, we're a caring, thoughtful, giving family that can sing.
All: Yeah!

Quote from Dick

Harry: So what's for dessert?
Sally: Well, uh, there's still steak.
Dick: You didn't have enough to eat?
Harry: I can never eat enough.
Dick: The question was rhetorical, Harry. Bring on the steak!
Tommy: But you guys might be committing the most deadly of all sins: gluttony.
Dick: Ah, perhaps, but it is also the most diabolically delicious.

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