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Quote from Dick in My Mother, My Dick

Dick: I hope you're happy. You leave the receptor open, you didn't use precautions, and now look what you've got, another mouth to feed.
Sally: Wait a second, we don't wanna be saddled with him. We got our whole lives ahead of us.
Dick: You should've thought of that before you had your fun. 30 seconds of pleasure and a whole lifetime of responsibility.


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Dick: Why don't you tell your mother how you feel?
Mary: Oh, I can't. How can you tell your mother she's a terrible mother?
Martha Albright: [returns] This is a perfectly lovely restaurant you picked out, Mary Margaret. Thank you. Nice woman in the ladies room gave me this comb. There you go. Put it to good use.
Dick: So, Mary, first a toast to Martha. You are a terrible mother!
Martha Albright: What was that?
Dick: I'm sorry, that didn't come out quite right. To Martha, the worst mother in all the world.
Mary: Dick!
Dick: It's okay, I found a way to tell her. [silently] The toast.
Martha Albright: How dare you? I mean, really. How dare you? If this drink wasn't so bloody good, I'd toss it in your face.
Dick: Well, bring it on!

Quote from Mary

Dick: So, Martha, how are you enjoying your visit with our Mary?
Martha Albright: It's terrif. Quite a hostess, my little Mary Margaret.
Mary: Thank you, Mother.
Martha Albright: It's not every day you get to sleep on a mildewed metal cot.
Mary: I did offer you my bed.
Martha Albright: I know, I know, but it just didn't seem right. Little bit too much history there. Pumpkin, don't lean over your plate. This is a restaurant. You're not in a federal prison.
Mary: I could be. Real soon.
Martha Albright: Would you two excuse me for a minute? I'll be right back. Those Cape Cods go right through you.

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Quote from Fear and Loathing in Rutherford

Strudwick: You know, it's funny. I used to bring these creamers home to Alissa. She'd have little tea parties with her stuffed animals. They grow up quick, don't they?
Dick: Yeah. I can remember when Tommy didn't even know how to wipe his own butt. Then he figured it out all on his own. And taught me.

Quote from Brains and Eggs

Mary: For future reference, I have a red Volvo.
Dick: [gasps] Please, Dr. Albright! We barely know each other.