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Quote from Granddaddy Clisby in Goose Grease

Dean: Where did this come from?
Granddaddy Clisby: I called my goose guy.
Dean: Why do you need a goose?
Granddaddy Clisby: To make goose grease.
Adult Dean: If Granddaddy Clisby thought he was making things clearer, he was wrong.
Bill: Can someone tell me what the heck a pre-wash is? Dad, no.
Granddaddy Clisby: Kept you healthy your whole childhood, son.
Bill: More like it kept me smelling bad and swatting flies my whole childhood.
Dean: Dad, Granddad's about to teach me to make goose grease. You should join us, then it'll be the three generations of Williams men making memories.
Bill: I'm not participating in any of this nonsense.
Granddaddy Clisby: Pay him no attention. You're about to learn the magic of goose grease.

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