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Quote from Kim in Where No Dean Has Been Before

Lillian: I mean, I'm the one who decided to wear the dress in the first place, so might not be so bad to wear it again.
Bill: I still don't like some man telling my wife what to wear.
Kim: I know that's right.
Lillian: How is this any different from you showing me off in front of your old Army buddies?
Kim: Mm, I know that's right.
Bill: Will you pick a side? Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.
Kim: It is sexist for you or them to tell her to dress a certain way.
Dean: What about when Mom tells you not to wear those skimpy outfits to parties?
Kim: I'm not dressing for boys. I'm dressing for myself. Those are the clothes that make me feel good.
Bill: Yeah, I'll believe that argument when you go to a party with no boys.

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