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Quote from Michael Scott in The Convention

Michael Scott: I was shocked when he told me he was transferring to Stamford. It's like with firemen, you don't leave your brothers behind. Even if you find out that there is a better fire in Connecticut.


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Quote from Jim

Jim: You know, when I saw Dwight, I realized how stupid and petty all those pranks I pulled on him were. And then he spoke. I wonder how hard it would be to get a copy of his room key.

Quote from Michael Scott

Michael Scott: Sorry, my meeting ran late.
Jan: Really?
Michael Scott: Yes, Jan, really, with the rep from Hammermill.
Josh: They're exclusive with Staples.
Michael Scott: Used to be. Evan'll call you in the morning to work out the details. We can now sell Hammermill products.
Dwight K. Schrute: Yes!
Jan: Well, Michael, I guess I underestimated you.
Michael Scott: Yeah, well, maybe next time you will estimate me.

Quote from Creed

Creed: There's my girl. Noticed you handing out some shekels. How would one get on that train?
Angela: That was per diem for Philadelphia.
Meredith: Uh. That town smells like cheese steaks.
Angela: That town is full of history!
Creed: [to Meredith] Andrea's the office bitch. You'll get used to her. Creed. [offer his hand]