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Frankie: [v.o.] Yep, that's me, trapped in an office supply store at 4 in the morning. How'd I end up here? How does anyone end up anywhere they don't wanna be? Either drugs or kids.


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Frankie: There you are.
Frankie: [v.o.] Finally, Mike showed up with the kids to make sure I got sprung. The Craigs had gotten their baby. Brick got his lice medicine. And though she hadn't heard yet, Sue was not feeling confident about her chances of making majorettes.
Frankie: Yeah, well, I've had some time to think... while I've been in here... and I've figured out a few things... You know, I guess there're some families somewhere... where the moms don't have to yell, but you know what? We're not one of them! Do you know why I pester and nag... and get on your case, and yell like a crazy person? Because nothing ever gets done if I don't! So that's what we're going back to. I don't care if it makes me look bad, I... [inaudible dialogue]
Brick: What is she saying?
Mike: I don't know. Just bow your heads. Look ashamed. Now nod. Nod like we know what she's saying.

Quote from Mike

Frankie: I am. I'm gonna quit yelling.
Mike: Hm.
Frankie: What? You don't think I can?
Mike: I think it's gonna be like when you quit sugar. One day later, I found you on the bathroom floor sucking frosting out of the tube.
Frankie: I don't want my kids growing up and saying to some shrink: "Yeah, all my mom ever did my whole life was yell at me."
Mike: [laughs] They're not gonna be able to afford a shrink.

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Frankie: Okay, guys. I've decided I don't like the way I sound on the tape. It seems like once in a while I raise my voice...
Axl: Once in a while you don't raise your voice.
Frankie: Okay, the point is, we've gotten into a bad pattern. I nag, you don't listen and I end up yelling. So from now on, I will calmly ask you to do something once. Then you'll show me you can listen and I'll show you I don't need to yell.
Brick: So you're gonna stop nagging?
Frankie: I'm gonna start trusting that you can do the things I ask you to.
Axl: What do we get if you do yell?
Frankie: It doesn't work that way.
Sue: We should get something.
Frankie: That's not what this is about.
Brick: How about a Tootsie Roll?
Sue: Oh, I like waffles.
Axl: That's stupid. We should get money.
Frankie: Okay, this is not some kind of contest for prizes. This is about us becoming the family where the mother doesn't have to yell! Starting now.