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Quote from Brad in The Other Man

Sue: Okay, Brad. I am only just now starting to get vision back in my eye, and I would like to keep it, so you better ask Luke out tonight.
Brad: I know. I got this. The problem before was I hadn't rehearsed, didn't give myself business, some kind of space work. So I'm gonna casually suggest a game of pool. Then I'll joke that, if I make the next shot, Luke has to go out with me.
Sue: Oho! That's good. And you're sure you can make the shot?
Brad: Oh, yeah. I'm a pool shark. That's the one thing my dad and I do together... that and awkward silences.


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Quote from Brick

Frankie: It's just that your dad and Axl are like two little peas in a pod, and, well, I don't know. Lately, I've just been feeling like there's no room for me in that pod, like I'm out. You know, I'm... I'm invisible to the family.
Brick: Oh. I know.
Frankie: No, no, no. This is different.
Brick: Is it? They didn't bring me food from Taco Jason's either. But I sucked it up, had a bowl of mayonnaise, and went to bed. Mom, can I give you some advice? As a person who's been shoved aside and ignored most of his life, I realized it's important not to dwell on the negative. If I let stuff get me down, like having only one friend or everybody missing all my birthdays or having no one show up to my parent-teacher conferences or everybody rolling their eye...
Frankie: Okay, I got it, Brick.
Brick: I don't take it personally. The truth is, if you go through life expecting other people to make things good for you, you're gonna be disappointed. And the only person you can depend on is yourself. And I guess I'm lucky 'cause I like myself. So whenever I'm with myself, I'm happy. I've never once let myself down.
Frankie: [sighs] I have.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Ooh, Taco Jason's. What'd you get me?
Axl: Uh...
Frankie: Seriously?
Mike: W... You weren't with us. We didn't think. It was really just a last-minute thing.
Frankie: It's 6:30, and you didn't bother to check in. You just went to Taco Jason's and got something for yourselves.
Axl: [mouth full] We didn't know you'd want anything.
Frankie: [sighs] Okay. Fine. Let's just clear up any confusion. In the future, if you are ever out somewhere getting food at dinnertime, I would like to be included. And while we're at it, if I am ever drowning in the ocean, please pull me out. And if you ever step over what appears to be my dead body, please take my pulse.
Mike: Want some of my burrito?
Frankie: No, I don't want the burrito! It's too spicy. I like the Quesadilla Gringo, which I would have ordered if anybody had bothered to call me.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Mike, I thought it was gonna be me and you and burgers. He's the one horning in here.
Mike: Yeah, Frankie, he lost an account today. He feels bad.
Frankie: Well, how would I know that? I... Nobody ever tells me anything. You guys come home from work and get in your little clubhouse, and I'm invisible.
Axl: Dad says he wants Chinese.
Frankie: Yeah, oh, did he? Did you say that, Mike? 'Cause five minutes ago, you couldn't wait to try the new burger place. But all of a sudden, your little backup singer says you'd rather have Chinese so...
Axl: Oh, my God! There she goes again! The great ruiner, ruining everything fun in her path. Mom... Dad and I have had tough days. We want egg rolls. Just let it happen!
Mike: [sighs] Hey, Axl. Come on. What if we got you an order of those dumplings you like?
Frankie: I don't want dumplings! I want a burger! That's why I am going to Hole Lotta Burger... not because the name is clever and makes me laugh, but because that was the plan. You stick with the plan!
Mike: Frankie...
Frankie: No, I've had it. I don't need you guys. I don't need any of this. Have fun on your date.