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Quote from Axl in Pitch Imperfect

Axl: Let's go! We're storming the campus career center!
Hutch: Wait... We're doing what now?
Axl: I was just at the job fair, and there was a bunch of juniors out there. Juniors! They're taking all the seniors' jobs... our jobs!
Hutch: Look, don't drag me into this. I already got a job.
Axl: Since when?
Hutch: Do you ever listen to me? Remember? I told you... Johnson, Walian and Blum snapped me up last year. They're even paying for me to go to grad school, too.
Axl: That's not fair. An engineering job and grad school? You're taking up two spots. Why didn't you guys tell me I had to start job hunting junior year? Hutch, I can see you not saying anything, but Kenny?
Hutch: Hey, I tried to get you to go with me to that job-hunting workshop last year, and you said, and I quote, "Nah, it's cold."
Axl: Well, not as cold as it is now!

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