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Quote from Frankie in Not Your Brother's Drop Off

Frankie: [over radio] Hey, there, car 2. Just seeing how you're doing back there. Anybody got their ears on? Over. Okay, Sue... [sighs] I don't know what else to do, so I'm just gonna talk. [sighs] You think I'm not gonna miss you? How do you not miss someone you've held since the first moment of their life like a gift you've been given? I mean, you even came wrapped. Y-you're someone I've spent every day with for 18 years... Except for the three days at summer camp that you won selling cheese and sausage, six with Grandma and Grandpa, and two when you ran away from home, but we all knew you were living in your closet. And then, this... this gift of a person leaves you? How are you not crushed by that? But the thing is, with you, more than the sad, there's this excitement, oh, 'cause I know you are so ready for this. And you're gonna do amazing things. I mean, you are gonna Sue up the world. [voice breaking] How lucky is the world, hmm? And how lucky am I that I get a front-row seat for all of it?
Sue: [over radio] [sobs] [crying] I know that I wanted this trip to be exactly like Axl's, but [sniffles] I don't anymore because this is way better. [crying] This is Sue, by the way. Over.

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