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Quote from Darrin in Valentine's Day VI

Darrin: There's my Valentine!
Sue: [squeals] Darrin! Ooh! This has just been the best day ever! All the clues, and everybody's been so nice. Well, the manager at the Bowling Alley had a little 'tude, but there were four parties going on today, so I totally get it. But I can't believe you set up all these things in all these places, and I don't even know where we are now. Where are we?
Darrin: The last stop in your Scavenger Hunt. Come in. Surprise! Welcome to my house.
Sue: What?
Darrin: Well, you know, I've been working hard and saving my air-conditioning money, so I bought this house. Just closed on it yesterday.
Sue: Oh, wow. I mean... Wow!
Darrin: It's great, 'cause the kitchen and the living room are in the same room, and back there's the bedroom.
Sue: It's nice how the bed touches all four walls.
Darrin: Yeah. Now I never have to worry about falling off the bed. [Sue laughs] And look... this folds down into a kitchen table. These fold into seats.
Sue: Oh.
Darrin: And this folds down into a couch.
Sue: Ah. Do any of them fold down into a sweater?

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