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Quote from Brick in Valentine's Day VI

Frankie: Brick, are you okay? You haven't touched Doris' food.
Brick: Cindy expects me to kiss her in two days, and I'm very apprehensive.
Mike: What are you talking about? You kissed that girl in North Carolina.
Brick: No, I was the kissee. I've never been the kisser. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. It's like handing me the keys to a jet plane and just saying, "fly."
Frankie: [chuckles] Brick, it's not that hard. I-it just sort of happens in the moment.
Brick: I need more than "it happens in the moment." I can't be spontaneous unless I plan for it.
Mike: It's not a big deal. You just stand there, close your eyes, and lean in.
Brick: But if my eyes are closed, how will I know where the target is?
Mike: Well, you know where lips are, don't you? You've been looking at faces your whole life.
Frankie: He really hasn't.

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