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Quote from Brick in Major Changes

Brick: Don't pick on Sue. You never take out the garbage.
Axl: Well, you don't do any chores. You're always just freakishly reading.
Sue: That's true, Brick, and you wander off at the mall and scare Mom half to death!
Brick: Well, at least I don't have braces that are costing Mom millions of dollars.
Sue: I have an overbite crossbite!
Axl: [to Brick] You don't tell Mom you have a school assignment until the night before!
Sue: You don't fill up the ice cube tray!
Axl: [to Brick] You lick things that aren't food!
Sue: You don't tell Mom you love her!
Axl: None of us do that!
Brick: Maybe it's all of our fault.
Sue: Oh, God. Brick's right. We do need to make major changes.
Axl: Yeah, but what?

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