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Quote from Brick in Great Heckspectations

Brick: How many guys do you know with their own key to the public library?
Cindy: Wow. This is so much better than going to prom. I don't get why parents think it's so important.
Brick: I guess they're afraid we're gonna miss out on stuff. So we tell 'em we're going and it makes 'em happy. It's a big moment in their lives.
Cindy: I mean, what are we missing out on? Look around. Fluorescent lights, the Dewey Decimal System... This really is the perfect night.
Brick: Yep, I've got everything I love here... books... and you. You hungry? I hid some chips in the botany section.
Cindy: I could eat. Then could we look at fashion through the ages? 'Cause sometimes, Brick, I am just a girl.
Brick: I've noticed.

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