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Quote from Mike in Great Heckspectations

Frankie: Honey, what happened? Those kids tonight were so normal. No yelling, no purring... Did Brick miss the social-skills class where everyone in the group got fixed?
Mike: Eh, who's to say who's fixed and who isn't?
Frankie: I'm saying it. They're fixed, he's not.
Mike: Okay, [clears throat] here's the thing... [exhales] ...if you could trade Brick for some kid that never made us worry, would you? I wouldn't. 'Cause then we wouldn't have the kid who made us take all the leaves that we raked in the yard and release them back into the wild. I mean, who thinks like that? I'll never forget it. So, yeah, he's weird, but I'd take him over some "normal" kid any day.
Frankie: [sighs] I just want him to be happy.
Mike: Me too.

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