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Quote from Brick in Crushed

Brick: Cindy and I have been dating for over a year now. I would think you guys would want to meet her parents.
Frankie: Well, Brick, the thing is...
Mike: We don't want to meet them.
Frankie: Mike.
Mike: What? She's weird, and they probably are, too.
Brick: Not necessarily. I'm weird and you guys are normal.
Frankie: That is true.
Brick: Come on. You said you want to be more social, and you said you want to go out with someone from my class. Well, Cindy's in my class, and I think it'd be a really fun time. And it'd make me happy. [both sigh] Great! I'll call Merv and LuEllen and work out the deets.
Mike: How did we go from having pizza in separate rooms to dinner with Merv and LuEllen?

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