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Quote from Sue in The Rush

Jackie: Oh, I love your necklace.
Lexie: Oh, thank you. It's a horseshoe. I've been riding since I was 6.
Jackie: Do you ride horses competitively?
Lexie: Oh, yeah. I've traveled to competitions in Colorado, California... Everywhere, really. [Jackie chuckles]
Sue: Oh. I've traveled for competitions, too. Not mine, my brother's. It was a spelling bee. We stayed in a motel in Chicago. Funny story, when we got to the room, there was a poop in the toilet. Not our poop... a mystery poop. A real whodunit. Like a murder mystery, but with poop.
Jackie: Oh, hi, Wendy. I was just talking with Sue and Lexie here. Lexie was telling me how she likes to ride horses and Sue was telling me a story about poo.

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