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Quote from Mike in The Rush

Woman: Wait. Is this what I think it is? [laughing] Oh, my God. That is hilarious. [Mike chuckles] Seriously, I can move a lot of these in my store. How about I hit you up on Linkedln?
Mike: Oh. No, that's very flattering, but I'm married.
Woman: No, Linkedln is the... Never mind.
Mike: Our website is kind of being worked on right now, but real soon, it's gonna be up and running on the world wide web. W-w-w.
Woman: Okay... Just give me your Twitter, and I'll follow you.
Mike: The Twitter's also being worked on. But you know what? If you write down your information, I can send you one of our mailers. And don't worry, I'll stick a self-addressed stamped envelope in there.
Woman: Wow.

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