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Quote from Sue in Valentine's Day III

Sue: This time, I tried to keep my mouth closed, but it still got in there somehow. It's almost like he's doing it on purpose.
Frankie: Yeah. Sue... Here's the thing. He is doing it on purpose.
Sue: What? Why? Why would he do something like that? It's so mean.
Frankie: Yeah, well, it might seem mean to you now, but, you know, some people sort of like it.
Sue: Who? Who would like that? It's like having an eel in your mouth.
Frankie: Oh, come on, Sue. There are two girls that are pregnant in your class right now. You never heard of French kissing?
Sue: Whoa, wait a minute. That's French kissing?
Frankie: Yeah. What did you think it was?
Sue: I thought it was kissing during a rainbow.
Frankie: Oh, wow. We really should talk more often.

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