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Quote from Sue in Valentine's Day III

Sue: Would you like to buy a Valentine's carnation? The white ones are for your friends. 'Cause Valentine's isn't just about boyfriends. If you don't have a boyfriend, it's perfectly okay. [to Carly] I am so glad we have boyfriends.
Carly: Me, too. So where's Matt taking you for Valentine's Day?
Sue: Well, he hasn't officially said anything yet, but I'm sure he will. We already declared our love for each other, so... Yeah, it's probably on.
Carly: So on.
Sue: Wow. Did you ever think we'd be in high school with boyfriends? I mean, me, a big-time Wrestlerette with a hotshot wrestler boyfriend, and you, in freshman girls' chorus with your hot dog on a stick boyfriend. We are ruling this school!
Carly: Yeah.
Sue: Ooh, carnation...?

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