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Quote from Frankie in Great Heckspectations

Sue: It's just, 'cause Axl was born first, he's never gonna feel the same way about me that I do about him.
Frankie: [scoffs] Are you kidding me? When we told him he was gonna have a little sister, he was so excited. He used to talk to you in my tummy.
Sue: Really?
Frankie: Mm-hmm. And then when you got here, you were like his little doll. He dragged you everywhere. He would play with you and watch over you and make sure I was feeding you. Wherever we went, he told people he was your "big bwuvah."
Sue: Reeeeeally?
Frankie: Yep. And when you got a little older, he used to sleep in the bed with you every night. It got to the point where you two were keeping each other up, so we finally made him go back to his own bed. Ooh, he was not happy. He threw a fit. The only way we got him to do it is if he left Woofy Dog with you to protect you.
Sue: Wait, what do you mean, leave me Woofy Dog?
Frankie: Well, Woofy Dog was his.
Sue: Woofy Dog was Axl's?
Frankie: Yes. Didn't I tell you this story?
Sue: No. This is huge news! You told the story about how I was afraid of a knothole in the wood paneling like a thousand times, but this you keep from me? I can't believe Woofy Dog was Axl's. And he gave him to me. [gasps] He does adore me! [gasps] My big bwuvah does adore me! He just doesn't remember!

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