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Quote from Axl in Eyes Wide Open

Axl: Yeah, you see, the power all comes from your core when you lift off. Unless you're doing one of those handstand-y dives, which is called an "upside-downer." There's a little bit more of, like... [water bottle spills]
Hutch: Hey, man! Watch it!
Axl: Whoa. Oh, it's just water.
Hutch: Which leaves water marks.
Axl: Dude, we lived in a 'Bago without a roof. I mean, we once left a sofa in the woods for like two weeks.
Hutch: I know, but my stuff's nicer now.
Axl: Oh, right, I'm sorry. I forgot... the table is a hand-me-down from Beyoncé.
Hutch: Well, I'm just saying that, for an Olympic diver, you seem kinda clumsy.
Axl: Well, I'm just saying that, for Beyoncé's cousin, it seems a little weird the coolest club you could get us into last night was the dueling-pianos bar.
Hutch: Mm-hmm. You know, I was wondering... Now that you're done with the whole Olympic-diving thing, what are you up to? 'Cause I was at this baked-potato place, and I swear, the guy working the counter looked just like you.

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