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Quote from Brick in Dental Hijinks

Brick: Anyway, you've heard of the musical Hamilton?
Mike: No.
Frankie: Yes.
Brick: Well, the school is voting on what the spring play should be this year, and I was thinking, with the recent popularity of Hamilton, that I would write and submit my own. Because if we're celebrating unsung heroes, I believe there's someone we're all forgetting. Sergeant Charles Stuart MacKenzie! It's got everything... World War I, bagpipes, Scottish rap.
Mike: I can't leave work today to pick him up when the nurse calls.
Frankie: Well, I can't, either. Dr. Goodwin's getting me to take me to some seminar. Well, hopefully it'll happen on the bus and the driver will just carry him to the stoop.
Brick: They all laughed at Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Frankie: That's true.
Mike: Who's she?

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