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Quote from Brad in Pitch Imperfect

Brad: You know, Sue, there's something we haven't thought of that might make no-cut a cappella better.
Sue: What?
Brad: Cuts.
Sue: [stammers] Brad, we are no-cut a cappella. "No-cut" is right there in the name.
Brad: I'm sorry, but Chase is tone-deaf. And Hannah... I don't know what she's doing, but it ain't dance steps. Without those two, we might have a fighting chance.
Sue: Look, Brad... I don't know if you remember how painful high school was, but I do. We have to stay no-cut. There has to be a place for people who are only mildly interested in things.
Brad: [sighs] Oh, you're right. Oh, what was I thinking? Wow. Six weeks in New York really darkened my soul. Once you've seen a rat with half of another rat in its mouth, it hardens you.

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